Empowering Those Who Want to Change the World

At Destination Charity, our core values of integrity, accountability, transparency, respect, charity, and community guides everything we do. Destination Charity seeks to create more abundant opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds. Ultimately, we want to create multiple platforms that help non-profits, charitable organizations, and B-Corp businesses generate revenue to accomplish their vision so they may thrive in their mission to create change.

How It Works

 Our Mission

Our mission involves providing access to unique travel packages while offering a new way of contributing to charities that change the world. Our travel-based prizes can revolutionize the way people donate to charities.

Our Story

Destination Charity has been a dream of mine for more than a decade. I have been searching for a way to help non-profit organizations raise more money in a fun and enjoyable way. Although, until this concept, I had not come up with a system that excited me and helped non-profit organizations raise the amount of funds I wanted them to obtain. Due to my background in the travel industry, I decided on a travel auction.  I’ve learned how much people enjoy taking trips around the world. I have been in love with traveling since I went to Africa 24 years ago. After becoming a Master Travel Agent, I have found amazing and fun products that will excite schools, charitable organizations, and non-profits alike. All while enticing those who seek to donate to their causes.

Start Bidding Today!

Everyone wants to travel, but most cannot afford a luxury vacation. Not everyone likes to donate, but they may love to have an opportunity to win. Destination Charity takes exciting vacation prizes and gives the community a reason to donate. I grew up watching my mother work tirelessly on fundraisers when she was a teacher. Those fundraisers rarely raised a sufficient amount of money.

Too often, parents and loved ones found themselves participating in catalog fundraisers that no one wanted. At Destination Charity, our core mission is to create more extensive opportunities for non-profit organizations while raising funds by offering products people want to buy. Gone are the days of bland cookie dough or cheap wrapping paper.

Get excited about donating to your favorite charity again!