How Destination Charity Works

If you’re unfamiliar with how penny auctions work, here’s a helpful link provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

Penny auctions are fun, unique ways to bid on items. Players will bid against one another at small increments — our increments are .01 cents per bid. After each bid, the timer on the auction extends by 60 seconds. The last bid placed before the timer runs out wins the auction.

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 How Destination Charity Bidding Works

Whereas traditional auctions allow for bidding to occur for anyone, penny auctions sell bid packages, which means you have to purchase the right to bid. Prepurchasing is how the final price of a 7-day trip with flights and hotels ends up as low as it will.

How We Keep Bots from Bidding

I’d like the client to explain this a bit, so we’re all on the same page

Because we are a penny auction platform, the issue of bots is prevalent. Due to the nature of the prizes, bots could bid, but they can still only win one trip without raising questions, that will immediately be remedied. We handle that problem effectively; these trips are not for resale, and they are non-transferable. You may purchase as a gift. Any violation of this rule will result in being banned from the platform, but also can result in huge fines from the government for selling travel without being a licensed agent.

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